A fresh approach to Ultrasound Physics

A new textbook for medical and allied health practitioners.

  • Written by one of Australia’s leading lecturers on Ultrasound Physics and Technology.
  • Tailored to the needs of university and professional ultrasound courses.
  • Adopted as the prescribed or recommended text for most university sonography courses in Australia, and for the DDU, CCPU and DMU diplomas of ASUM and the Fellowship training program of the RANZCR.
  • Available in both printed (softcover) and e-book (ePub, iBooks and Kindle) formats.
  • 150 pages, profusely illustrated with over 350 images and diagrams and 90 learning and review activities.
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Check out our companion e-learning website

A website has been launched to complement this book. The website - Sonophys eLearning - offers free support material for students of ultrasound physics and technology. A suite of online courses is also being developed to help students to master these difficult subjects. See below for details.

“The Whiteboard Collection”

A FREE resource for readers of the book “The Physics and Technology of Diagnostic Ultrasound: A Practitioner’s Guide”. Video whiteboard demonstrations with voice-over narration present the solutions to all the exercises in the book which require calculation.

“Test your Knowledge”

Another FREE resource for students. A series of calculation-oriented exercises and a Multiple Choice Quiz are provided, with feedback on the correct answers. There are also three crossword puzzles to allow you to test your knowledge of the terminology. Use these resources to test your knowledge, or simply for practice before an examination.

“Mathematics for Ultrasound Physics”

A preparatory course covering those aspects of mathematics that are needed in the study of ultrasound physics. Particularly recommended if you do not have a strong background in mathematics and science. The course contains presentations, practical demonstrations, short quizzes and a final quiz. Also provided are optional exercises with answers and a set of comprehensive notes. Students who achieve a passing grade receive a formal certificate of achievement.

More to come

Two more courses are under development: a short course entitled “Introduction to Ultrasound Physics” and a full-length course “The Physics and Technology of Ultrasound”. Please use the Sonophys eLearning contact form to register your interest if you would like to receive updates on these courses.